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Fine Artist

About Trevor Weekes

Trevor Weekes is a practicing Artist and Educator. He has been a Lecturer in Natural History Illustration and Fine Art in The School of Design, Communication and Information Technology, University of Newcastle.

Exhibiting regularly, with both solo and group shows throughout Australia

his art practice embraces multi disciplines, specifically Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Artists Book production and more recently Animation. Music has always played an important role in his life and is an area he has been involved in, producing a sound piece to CD, and incorporating sound in several of his installations. His absolute love of animals has been a major topic of interest, focusing on Birds specifically and Flight. 

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Contact Trevor 

Trevor Weekes Artiology is based in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia


0400 558 976

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Trevor is a published author who illustrates and writes for a range of topics.

Some of his latest publications can be found here under books.

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